docARTES is a doctoral programme for performers and composers. It offers a unique environment for critical reflection on musical practice.

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We invite to send proposals that critically explore the relationship between musicians and their musical instruments, tools, and utensils by multiple perspectives, covering an extended range of artistic experiences, from historically informed performance to contemporary and electroacoustic music creation.

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docARTES graduate Nicoleta Paraschivescu (Leiden University, 2015) recently released a new CD which is the artistic outcome of her research on Paisiello's Partimenti. The recording is meant to be the musical complement to the book Paisiellos Partimenti: Wege zu einem praxisbezogenen Verständnis (SCBS 6) soon to be published by Schwabe Verlag in Basel.

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Academic year 2018-2019

11 new docARTES students


The 11 doctoral students were selected out of 42 applicants. The group is again very international with nine different nationalities. The topics are ranging from interpretation and composition over phrasing to the cello in late-nineteenth-century France.

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