Application procedure

Application materials

Applicants submit the digital application form together with URLs to a CD/DVD-recording (performers) or portfolio of compositions (composers) on a web-based platform where the content can be accessed without password or without time-limiting constraints, before January 15. There is a non-refundable application fee of € 100.

1st round: assessment application materials

Applicants who submit a strong application are invited to the entrance examination. In their application they have demonstrated an exceptional talent and potential as a performer or composer and proved their suitability for artistic research.

2nd round: entrance examination

Entrance examinations take place in April and consist of a performance, a presentation of the research project and an interview with the members of the Examination Committee. 

Start docARTES curriculum

Applicants who have successfully passed the examination, start the docARTES curriculum in September. This curriculum offers a complementary research training in a professional research environment. Each student is also individually supported by a supervisory team, consisting of a directing supervisor and an artistic and/or academic specialist.


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