Anna Scott's PhD Defense

PhD defense

December 11, 2014 (11h15)

On Thursday December 11 at 11h15, at the Academiegebouw Leiden, docARTES-PhD candidate Anna Scott publicly defended her thesis: Romanticizing Brahms: Early Recordings and the Reconstruction of Brahmsian Identity.

Anna Scott, in her thesis, critically reappraises documentary evidence of Brahms's musical contexts; analyses and exactly copies the early recordings of pianists in his inner circle; and experimentally extrapolates those pianists' styles across other works in his late piano opuses. In so doing, Anna has proposed a radical recordings-inspired style of Brahms performance that reveals current notions of Brahmsian identity, along with its associated performance mores, as highly context-specific, malleable, and perhaps even disposable.

The board of examiners consisted of:

Prof. Frans de Ruiter (1st promotor), Universiteit Leiden
Prof. Dr. Daniel Leech-Wilkinson (2nd promotor), King’s College London
Dr. Bruce Haynes †