Bart Vanhecke's PhD defense

PhD defense

May 5, 2015 (16h00)

On Tuesday May 5 2015, Bart Vanhecke defended his doctoral dissertation titled Elements of an Aesthetic Universe. Systematisation of Atonality and Dissonance in Amotivic Serial Music Composition at Leuven University. 

The doctoral research covers the theoretical and practical development and elaboration of a serial composition technique based on interval groups that yields systematic atonality and a controled high degree of dissonance whilst avoiding melodic motives. In order to achieve this result a systematical research has to be done into the nature of (the degree of) atonality and dissonance (and the relation between both) and into the concept of melodic motive. Pitch class set theory will play a central role in this research (together with mathematics). A shift from pitch class towards interval class will be necessary though.

During the defense, some of his works were played by Jan Michiels and the Goeyvaerts string trio.


The supervising committee consisted of:

Prof. dr. Mark Delaere (promotor)
Luc Van Hove (co-promotor)
Carolus Van Eyndhoven
Jan De Vuyst
Jeroen D'hoe
Prof. dr. Robert Morris, University of Rochester
Prof. dr. Godfried-Willem Raes, Hogeschool Gent