Kathryn Cok's PhD defense

PhD defense

13 oktober 2011 (13.45)

Leiden University

Kathryn Cok defended her doctoral dissertation on October 13th, 2011 called Basso Continuo Sources from the Dutch Republic c. 1620-1790

Her dissertation contains an overview of the 26 17th and 18th century Dutch sources. Special attention is paid to a manuscript of Jan Alensoon, an 18th-century Leiden amateur musician who applied a famous treatise by composer Francesco Gasparini.

The promotional committee consisted of the following people:

Prof. Dr.h.c. Ton Koopman (promotor), Universiteit Leiden
Prof. Frans de Ruiter (promotor), Universiteit Leiden
Prof. Dr. L.P. Grijp, Universiteit Utrecht
Prof. Dr. T. van Haaften, Universiteit Leiden
Prof. P. Holman D. Mus, Universiteit Leeds
Prof. Dr. P.G. Hoftijzer, Universiteit Leiden
Prof. Dr. M.A. Schenkeveld-van der Dussen, Universiteit Utrecht