PhD lecture & masterclass by Niels Berentsen

PhD concert

December 13 2016 (17.30)

New Approaches to Polyphonic Improvisation 1300-1470

On December 13th will publicly elucidate his artistic work through a lecture-presentation with ensemble and an open masterclass in which he will teach volunteers at the Lutherse kerk in Leiden.   

Niels’ project aims to expand our knowledge of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century polyphony, through music-historical scholarship as well as practical experiences. An in-depth investigation of the material remains of late medieval musical culture—compositions and theoretical writings about music—forms the basis for experiments with polyphonic improvisation above plainchants together with colleague-singers and students. The project has developed new ways of understanding late medieval polyphony, which are useful not only for teaching and analysis, but which may form a stimulus for contemporary performance practices of early music as well.