A Philosophical and Practical Reappraisal of Musical Taste

João Carlos Ferreira de Miranda Santos
musical performance, philosophy, taste, theater
Started in 2018



I would like to investigate what are the philosophical and practical consequences a reappraisal of the 17th-and 18th-century concept of taste may have for general and historical performance practice. Often in primary literature, authors appeal to the necessity of having taste (or good taste) when explaining what good musical expression is. Our contemporary notions, however, differ considerably from what they meant by taste, and reassessing their older meaning might have interesting consequences for how we understand musical performance, composition and style. Furthermore, they suggest that acquiring taste might endow the artist with a practical methodology, which relates musical expression not only to declamation and theater, but also to the arts, history, philosophy and even politics. But in order to appreciate better this older conception, I would like to link it to other fields of research such as Philosophical Hermeneutics, Dramatic Theory, Cultural Darwinism and the Authenticty Debate.