First MOOC on Artistic Research in Music now online

28 januari 2019

The Orpheus Institute has launched its first MOOC on Artistic Research in Music. A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a free online course available for anyone to enroll. The first MOOC on Artistic Research in Music offers an introduction to the most relevant research tools, techniques and methodologies as well as the key concepts of artistic research in music. The course is available on edX, which is the leading platform for online learning and education.

Artistic Research in Music – an Introduction is a free online course which will run for 12 weeks with a new module being released every two weeks. It is expected for a learner to spend 3 to 4 hours of effort per week. By the end of the course, through completing the assignments, learners will effectively have produced a complete research proposal.

Facts & figures:

  • 21 speakers (Orpheus Institute researchers and guests)
  • 60 videos (knowledge clips, interviews and more)
  • 400 minutes of video
  • 6 assessments and 6 practical assignments
  • 1000+ people have already enrolled

Structure and schedule

  1. Introduction to Artistic Research in Music (28 January)
  2. Finding focus: articulating questions, topics and objectives (11 February)
  3. Scoping and locating the project (25 February)
  4. Methodology (11 March)
  5. Negotiating with theory, creating a discourse (25 March)
  6. Documentation, dissemination and returning research to practice (8 April)

By the end of this course, through completing the assignments of this course learners will effectively have produced a complete research proposal.

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Two speakers are currently enrolled in the docARTES programme (Heloisa Amaral and Daniela Fantechi), three speakers have finished the docARTES trajectory successfully (Lucia D'Errico, Juan Parra Cancino & Luk Vaes) and four speakers are connected to docARTES as coordinator or teacher (Marcel Cobussen, Lucia D'Errico & Vincent Meelberg).

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