Early Music Beyond Authenticity: Interpretation and Composition outside the Work Concept

Carlo Diaz
authenticity, composition, historical theory, interpretation, poststructuralism
Gestart in 2018



As a fluid development form my concept of compositional practice as the either conscious or subconscious reuse and re-processing of pre-existing materials, and so from the idea that all new music is necessarily embedded with the historical, I propose a new historical mode for Early Music wherein curation, editing, and performance are identified as fundamentally creative activities. I propose the application of poststructural philosophy and contemporary historical theory by Michel Foucault, Hayden White, Roland Barthes, Keith Jenkins, and other to the practice of Early Music. My objective is both to shed the Romanticist and Modernist aesthetics and theory inherent in recent research and performance of music written before 1800 and to suggest a new aesthetic and theory where history operates outside of empiricism and narrativity.